Journals & Magazines

"Deaf Erasure of the Gospel According to the TSA Agent at Atlanta International." The New York Times, 2019.
"10AM is When You Come to Me." Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day, 2019.
"Hanging Laundry in Sliema.” Lavender Review 50th Anniversary Issue, forthcoming 2019.
"To My Brother, in Her Barrenness.” The Rumpus, 2019.
"Origin Calling.” The Quarry, 2019.
"In Line to Vote on Our Future Climate.” Poetry Society of America, 2019.
"Origin Calling." Foglifter, 2018.
"Portrait of My Beloved as Giorgione's Sleeping Venus." Foglifter, 2018.
"Elegy in Translation." Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day, 2018.
"Night I. from The Night Does Not Lay Down Like the Hour, The Night Does Not Lay Down in Michigan" Fledgling Rag, 2018.
"Night II." Fledgling Rag, 2018.
"Night IV." Fledgling Rag, 2018.
"Night V." Fledgling Rag, 2018.
"Listening in the Dark." The Enchanting Verses Literary Review: XXV, 2017.
"If You're Staying, I'll Stay Too." The South Carolina Review, 2017.
"Big Sky Domestic." The South Carolina Review, 2017.
"And Again, Today." ESPN, 2017.
"Tell the Bees I'm Home." Indiana Review, 2016.
"Trespassing at Noontide." Indiana Review, 2016.
"The Permanent Way." Academy of American Poets, 2016.
"Make Me a Stranger in This Place." Raleigh Review, 2016.
"Elegy in Translation." TYPO, 2016.
“Anagram for a Body Wanting to Occupy Two Places at Once.” Winner of the 2012 AWP Intro Journals Prize, Artful Dodge, 2016.
"Aubade to Day." The Paris-American, 2016.
"Nocturne for My Brother in 1East." Spoon River Poetry Review, 2015.
"Infield Contrapuntal." Prairie Schooner, 2015.
"To My Brother, in His Heartache." cream city review, 2015.
“At the Museum." Beloit Poetry Journal, 2015.
"Prayer in Middle C." South Dakota Review, 2015.
"While Shadows Shorten." South Dakota Review, 2015.
"Ghazal for My Selves, as Samson & Delilah." South Dakota Review, 2015.
"Sit on the Floor With Me." Poetry Daily, 2015.
"Aubade." Verse Daily, 2015.
"There's Snow in the West." Barrow Street, 2015.
"On Nights When I Am Amelia Earhart." Barrow Street, 2015.
"San Francisco, October 17, 1989." Barrow Street, 2015.
"On the Day That He Goes, Montana." Barrow Street, 2015.
"On My Way to Meet Her in Liberty Park Before the First Snow." Barrow Street, 2015.
"Ghazal for Finally Leaving What Has Already Left.” AGNI, 2014.
“Hymn to a Landlocked God.” Drunken Boat, 2014.
“On the Day That He Goes, I Will.” TriQuarterly Review, 2014.
“On Nights When We Are Two Horses Racing Toward the Edge of a Cliff.” Vinyl, 2014.
“Aubade for an Accomplice.” Vinyl, 2014.
“On Nights When I Am Always Almost a Mother.” Vinyl, 2014.
“Once All the Hounds Had Been Called Home.” Southern Indiana Review, 2014.
“On Nights When I Am Your Husband.” Southern Indiana Review, 2014.
“Last Psalm at Sea Level.” Southern Indiana Review, 2014.
“Cocktail Napkin Quartet.” BathHouse Hybrid Arts Journal, 2014.
“Portrait of My Selves at Ten, as Father & Son.” Adrienne, 2014.
“When They Took My Breasts, I Dreamt of Icarus.” Adrienne, 2014.
“Psalm for July.” Adrienne, 2014.
“Taker of the Temperature, Keeper of the Hope Chest.” Adrienne, 2014.
“After Getting Caught Staring, Twice.” Adrienne, 2014.
“Hanker in Rabbit-Quick Heat.” Adrienne, 2014.
“Portrait of My Self As I Have Only Met in Nightmares.” Adrienne, 2014.
“As My Sister Goes On Bedrest at Thirty-two Weeks.” Adrienne, 2014.
“Another Night at Sea Level.” Adrienne, 2014.
“Portrait of My Selves at Twelve, as Pallbearers.” Southern Humanities Review, 2014.
“What I Will Tell His Daughter, When She is Old Enough to Ask.” Rattle, 2013.
“Aubade.” Fugue, 2013.
“Torment My Heart Transgender’d God.” Fugue, 2013.
“Crying in the Lea.” Squaw Valley Review, 2013.
“Portrait of My Selves at Nine, As Old Men.” La Fovea, 2013.
“In a Time When My Bones Were Held Together by Choir Claps.” Atlas Review, 2013.
“To Cancer, if That is Your Real Name.” The Bakery, 2012.
“On What I Didn’t Hear You Say.” Drunken Boat, 2011.
“say Yes” sPARKLE & bLINK’s Neighborhood Heroes 2.5 vol3, 2011.
enzymatic capitalism or, for the sleep walkers”sPARKLE & bLINK’s Neighborhood Heroes 2.5 vol3, 2011.
“for all the times i think i’ll hate you: remember ” sPARKLE & bLINK’s Neighborhood Heroes 2.5 vol3, 2011.
from “WE CAN’T READ THIS” With+Stand, 2011.
“because some things leave unexpectedly or, these are things that stay” GENERATIONS, 2010.
“twenty-five” GENERATIONS, 2010.
“aftershock #4” The Walrus, 2010.
“forget everything you know about the way a poem is built” ZYZZYVA, 2010.
“aftershock one” Bang Out, 2009.
“aftershock two” Bang Out, 2009.
“aftershock three” Bang Out, 2009.
“for leslie” Flaneur Foundry, 2009.
“Columbia, Stationary” Flaneur Foundry, 2009.
“projecting january” Flaneur Foundry, 2009.
“while you were in miami” The Greenbelt Review, 2009.
“i am all of these & each of these is the same” The Greenbelt Review, 2009.
“like roots that buckle up under sidewalks” The Greenbelt Review, 2009.
“another night at sea level or, instructions on how to light this fire” Monkey Puzzle, 2009.